Lisa Gardner - SQL Sever Premier FIeld Engineer

July, 2012

  • SQLGardner

    SQL 2012 AlwaysOn and Backups – Part 1 – Offloading the work to a replica

    One of the greatest aspects of AlwaysOn is the ability to offload the work of backups and integrity checks to a replica.  This can really help preserve resources on your primary for your application workload. I am going to focus primarily on transaction log backups in this post as the log backup piece is best to use in order to illustrate this new feature. One of the key pieces enabling this backup ability is the single log chain that is maintained across all replicas. I will illustrate this...
  • SQLGardner

    SQL 2012 AlwaysOn and Backups – Part 2 - Configuring Backup Preferences and Automating Backups

    In my last post I showed that you can perform backups from your replicas. A thought you may have had is “Well that is great, but how do I know if that instance is the replica and has not become primary? What if I want a particular replica to perform the backup but allow another to be able to do it just in case that one is not available?” Luckily, the product team thought of just those questions and created some configuration options for backup preferences. The easiest way to start...
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