Lisa Gardner - SQL Sever Premier FIeld Engineer

February, 2013

  • SQLGardner

    Columbus PASS on Valentine’s Day

    I was surprised at how many SQL lovers out there showed up for our Columbus OH PASS chapter meeting on Valentines Day. I made sure to remind everyone to buy flowers on their way home! I did an overview of AlwaysOn which has to be my favorite new part of SQL Server. It really addresses a number of items that I have personally struggled with as a DBA. I am including my slides from the presentation for the attendees. If you live in the Columbus, OH area, I try to make as many chapter meetings...
  • SQLGardner

    SharePoint, that was a poor choice, you need a time out.

    As the mother of a 3 year old, I find myself saying talking about poor choices and sitting in time out quite a bit. Perhaps that is due to the fact that my little one has her mommy’s spirited nature, so I can’t always fully blame her. I also notice that with my customers that use SharePoint, I see SharePoint making poor query choices! This often times leads to a different type of time out. And just like my 3 year old, it is sometimes in part due to SharePoint’s nature. Just like...
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