Not everybody likes contests apparently... (Foex, I have yet to win anything in the game alpha testing contest that I love playing these days. *pout*) But Dan seems to have taken an irrational dislike to YOUR contest...

I'm starting a crusade at Microsoft to lower the number of contests we run a year. I know I'll be successful if the number of contests a year goes down. I fear I won't be. First, let me explain by showing how bad the problem is. Dan Fernandez's Blog : Microsoft the Contest Machine

I'm not sure what we did to make his List™, even though we've done our best to make sure that the contest entries in question are True Open Source™ (via Ms-PL) and to encourage both quality and longevity in the projects that get created... among other complaints that he has about contests generally. Hrm. Did he even read the Official Contest Rules™?

For the Record™, the entries we want are cool stuff that will long outlive this contest!

Maybe he's just mad that I didn't send him a T-shirt yet? Heh.