Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: Nope.

Long-ish Answer: Not at all, but you do have to PLAY to win. Heh. I.e. if you've been putting off creating your CodePlex project and submitting your contest survey, you're running out of time...

Old-fashioned USENET Answer*: RTFM

Take yer pick!

However, we do want you to show up @ SQL PASS anyway!! Especially if you're a finalist... because the entire theme of SQL PASS this year is all about YOU... the SQL Heroes.

Look at this way, if you don't come to SQL PASS, you won't get an opportunity to see me dress up like a poorly costumed '80s hair band member or kick my butt @ Guitar Hero!


* Just for those of us old enough to miss Gopher, ARCHIE, WAIS and USENET... a little bit anyway. Back in the day before the evils of <blink /> or *shudder* Shockwave and Flash. Kids these days have no idea how good their banner ads are... Heh.