[Insert abject apology for the vacation-related delay here. Yes, the turkey-related festivities were great, thanks for asking.]

The winners were announced @ SQL PASS 2008 on Friday 21 November. And belated as they may be, here’s the Official Announcement™.

  • BIDS Helper: Greg Galloway, Darren Gosbell, John Calvin Welch
  • SQL 2008 Extended Events Manager: Jonathan Matthew Kehayias
  • ssisUnit: John Calvin Welch
  • SqlMonitoring Tool: Robert Hartskeerl
  • Allocation SQL Server Management Studio Add-in: Daniel Gould

Congratulations to all of the finalists and to the winners!! Thank you for participating.


p.s. Winners, your Windows Home Server™ will be shipped as soon as feasible. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!