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  • Blog Post: When using SSL, SQL Failover Cluster Instance fails to start with error 17182

    I recently worked on an interesting issue with a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (FCI). We were trying to use an SSL certificate on the instance, and we followed these steps: Made sure the certificate was requested according to the requirements defined here . Loaded the certificate into the Personal...
  • Blog Post: An interesting find about Temp tables in SQL Server

    I ran into a very interesting issue with temp tables recently. The issue description goes something like this. We have an application preparing some SQL statements, and sending them to the SQL Database engine for execution. However, the “issue” is easily reproducible in SQL Server Management...
  • Blog Post: Implementing SSL encryption for SQL Server in a DNS forwarding environment

    Let’s say you have an environment which implements DNS forwarding. In such a setup, the client uses a different name (or FQDN) while connecting to SQL Server than the actual SQL Server name (or FQDN). The connection request is forwarded to actual SQL Server through DNS forwarding implemented at...
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