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A forum for sharing what I have learned about SQL Server over many years of thought, contemplation and practice

In case you are wondering...


In case you are wondering...

Each story is always unique, but mine started in 1998 when I joined Microsoft as a SQL Server engineer in product support. SQL Server 6.5 was in its prime, but the big event was that SQL Server 7.0 shipped shortly after; that changed the game in the enterprise database world. Learning about SQL Server at such an accelerated pace was neither anything I had thought I would do in my life, nor anything I could have imagined can be done in any learning institution. I can only say that the more I dove into the depths of the product, the more I realized how much more I had ahead of me. First dabbled in functionality and said to myself "Well, this is not too bad". Then, I realized there was a vast array of functionality out there and it became overwhelming very quickly. Then I started troubleshooting problems every day, and realized I had not even touched the surface. Over the years, as I moved into an Escalation engineer role, I started debugging the product and realized that I am really striving for the impossible - trying to understand what thousands of Developers and Testers have intended, designed, and built. In the end one is just humbled by the vastness of it all... So, sharing a bit of what I learned feels like a obligation to give back and help everyone's long journey. Thank you for reading.

Joseph Pilov