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  • Blog Post: Procedure Execution with Table-Valued Parameters Involved Cannot be Replicated

    Somebody approached me with this error, asking whether this is by design or caused by certain conditions. Msg 25023, Level 16, State 1, Server <removed name>, Procedure sp_MSaddexecarticle, Line 192 Stored procedures containing table-value parameters cannot be published as '[serializable...
  • Blog Post: Finding Large Transactions that Bloat Your Transaction Log

    I know this is a fairly common problem and there might be multiple solutions out there, but I figured adding another one may not hurt. An application I was supporting recently, was leading to 100s of GB of transaction log growth in spurts and we needed to discover what was causing the growth. I built...
  • Blog Post: Dealing with Unique Columns when Using Table Partitioning

    Recently, I had the opportunity to present table and index partitioning and a follow up question came up regarding partitioning a table with unique constraint/index. The Special Guidelines for Partitioned Indexes article describes the right approach "Partitioning Unique Indexes When partitioning...
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