SQL Server Policy-Based Management

This blog is dedicated to Policy-Based Management introduced in SQL Server 2008

April, 2008

  • SQL Server Policy-Based Management

    The DBA Morning Checklist

    Bill Richards recently wrote a nice article for SQL Server Central. You can read the original article here . The article covered a checklist DBAs should follow each morning. Buck Woody in his weekly podcast, Real World DBA Episode 5 - The DBA Checklist...
  • SQL Server Policy-Based Management

    Policy-Based Management Overview

    This posting provides an overview of Policy-Based Management (PBM). You can read more about PBM in SQL Server 2008 Books On-line . Many of the ad hoc problems DBAs experience are caused by unwanted configuration changes or configuration changes that don...
  • SQL Server Policy-Based Management

    Creating A Policy With the GUI

    In the previous posting we introduced the main PBM concepts through the use of a sample policy: All stored procedures in the database must start with "usp_". In this posting we will walk through the creation of that policy using the PBM GUI...
  • SQL Server Policy-Based Management


    Well hello there and welcome to the SQL Server blog devoted to Policy-Based Management - PBM. PBM, a feature introduced in SQL Server 2008, is designed to radically change the way administrators manage the data platform. SQL Server 2008 puts in place...
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