SQL Server Policy-Based Management

This blog is dedicated to Policy-Based Management introduced in SQL Server 2008

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  • Blog Post: Clarification around "Data and Log Files ..." and "Backup Files ..." policies

    Hi, We ship these two Best Practices policies Place Data and Log Files on Separate Drives Backup Files Must Be on Separate Devices from the Database Files Unfortunately, neither of those two policies can detect separate physical devices through Windows mount points. We will clarify...
  • Blog Post: Clarification on the "Guest Permissions on User Databases" policy

    We ship a "Microsoft Best Practices: Security" policy called " Guest Permissions on User Databases ". Unfortunately, the wording in the UI and BOL is not clear about whether this can/should apply to msdb . Here is what is says today: "You can do this by executing REVOKE CONNECT FROM GUEST" from...
  • Blog Post: Out-Of-Box Policies

    SQL Server 2008 includes several predefined policies. These are generally associated with best practices and overtime the rules from the Best Practices Analyzer will be implemented as policies for PBM. A number of these have already been implemented and are available to you in one of two forms: First...
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