SQL Server Policy-Based Management

This blog is dedicated to Policy-Based Management introduced in SQL Server 2008

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  • Blog Post: ExecuteSql()

    One of the key development tenets of Policy-Based Management was to raise the level of abstraction of management. The analogy I've used time and time again is Security Zones in Internet Explorer. Prior to Security Zones we had to scroll through pages and pages of configuration options. Security Zones...
  • Blog Post: Creating A Policy With the GUI

    In the previous posting we introduced the main PBM concepts through the use of a sample policy: All stored procedures in the database must start with "usp_". In this posting we will walk through the creation of that policy using the PBM GUI accessible from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS...
  • Blog Post: Policy-Based Management Overview

    This posting provides an overview of Policy-Based Management (PBM). You can read more about PBM in SQL Server 2008 Books On-line . Many of the ad hoc problems DBAs experience are caused by unwanted configuration changes or configuration changes that don't comply with the "standard". Some shops...
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