SQL Server Policy-Based Management

This blog is dedicated to Policy-Based Management introduced in SQL Server 2008

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  • Blog Post: APBMB

    Another PBM Blog (APBMB)! Lara Rubbelke has been blogging a bunch about PBM. Check out her blog here .
  • Blog Post: Facets

    The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition) defines facet as: One of numerous aspects, as of a subject . The definition of Aspect (from the same dictionary) is: Appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point . The definition of Facet in SQL Server Books...
  • Blog Post: Policy-Based Management Overview

    This posting provides an overview of Policy-Based Management (PBM). You can read more about PBM in SQL Server 2008 Books On-line . Many of the ad hoc problems DBAs experience are caused by unwanted configuration changes or configuration changes that don't comply with the "standard". Some shops...
  • Blog Post: The DBA Morning Checklist

    Bill Richards recently wrote a nice article for SQL Server Central. You can read the original article here . The article covered a checklist DBAs should follow each morning. Buck Woody in his weekly podcast, Real World DBA Episode 5 - The DBA Checklist, covered the same topic . Routinely checking...
  • Blog Post: Welcome

    Well hello there and welcome to the SQL Server blog devoted to Policy-Based Management - PBM. PBM, a feature introduced in SQL Server 2008, is designed to radically change the way administrators manage the data platform. SQL Server 2008 puts in place several key pieces of the framework for subsequent...
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