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  • Blog Post: Consuming SQL Server Result Sets as XML with PHP

    After the obvious interest at last month's JumpIn Camp with the XML features of SQL Server, Brian Swan has written a great post on consuming result sets as XML in PHP. Go check it out!
  • Blog Post: Looking Forward to Next Week’s SQL Server JumpIn! Camp

    This entry has been cross-posted from Brian Swan's blog . Next week, Microsoft will host its second SQL Server JumpIn! Camp , and I’m very excited to be a participant (take a look at the list (below) of PHP applications and frameworks that will be represented and you will understand why!). I...
  • Blog Post: Drupal 7 and SQL Server – our PDO journey

    Drupal 7 completed a 3-year journey earlier this year by exiting beta stages and declaring itself ready for prime time . Our team (the SQL Server Drivers for PHP team) was fortunate to be part of that journey by working closely with the Drupal community to add SQL Server support to this release. We learned...
  • Blog Post: All about the SQL Server JumpIn! camp

    The SQL Server JumpIn! Camp , was scheduled from Nov 16 th thru 19 th at an excellent facility not too far from Microsoft's main campus with the purpose of bringing key PHP developers and SQL Server engineers together with the goal of supporting SQL Server and SQL Azure, with the last day reserved for...
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