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  • Blog Post: Consuming SQL Server Result Sets as XML with PHP

    After the obvious interest at last month's JumpIn Camp with the XML features of SQL Server, Brian Swan has written a great post on consuming result sets as XML in PHP. Go check it out!
  • Blog Post: Plans for our next milestone

    We have seen some increase in activity with more people downloading our driver and either reporting their successes or reporting any issues they run into – for the SQLSRV driver (sqlsrv_xxxx API) to the PDO_SQLSRV driver (PDO API). We’d like to thank you all for your effort and hope that...
  • Blog Post: Need your feedback on our new SQL Server Connectivity portal

    SQL Server, as a database product, has grown over the years and there are multiple ways to connect to it. Often, the different ways to connect to the database get documented and discussed in the various technology sections, and the technology choice determines which connectivity method one is going to...
  • Blog Post: A quick recap of the Jump In! Camp in Zurich

    April has been an incredibly busy week for the team, so it has taken some time to blog about this camp. As they say, better late than never. As several of the attendees blogged before me, I thought that someone else would beat me to highlight the overall goal/format of the camp. But I guess not, so I...
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