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  • Blog Post: Exception handling in SQLCLR

    Naveen covered the TSQL exception handling in his posts. How does the TSQL exception handling mechanism interacts with SQLCLR exception handling mechanism? We will cover this topic in this post. When SQL server execute a user function/procedure/trigger implemented in CLR (i.e., managed code), we...
  • Blog Post: Strong named assemblies and AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers

    Very often, you may wish to factor out your code into separate assemblies in your application. For example, you separate your type in one assembly because it gets used by multiple areas in your application. And you save your proc that uses that type in another assembly. So Let's say you have two CLR...
  • Blog Post: Host Policy level Permission Sets and their permissions

    While there is guidance on how to use the various permission sets - SAFE, EXTERNAL_ACCESS, UNSAFE , a list of the various permissions granted in these three helps clear their definitions. SAFE: Code that has this permission set is only allowed to execute and use context connections. EXTERNAL_ACCESS...
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