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The query processing team - query optimization & execution - providing tips, tricks, advice and answers to freqeuently-asked questions in a continued effort to make your queries run faster and smoother in SQL Server.

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  • Blog Post: Store Statistics XML in database tables using SQL Traces for further analysis.

    Since SQL Server 2005, query plan as well as statistics of query execution can be captured in XML format. Also, SQL Server 2005 has XQuery support to directly query XML document. By combining these two new features, users can analyze the query plans using queries. However, in SQL Server, there...
  • Blog Post: Viewing and Interpreting XML Showplans

    As mentioned in our previous blog posting, SQL Server 2005 supports Showplan generation in XML format. XML-based Showplans provide greater flexibility in viewing query plans and saving them to files as compared to legacy Showplans. In addition to the usability benefits, XML-based Showplans also contain...
  • Blog Post: Introduction to Showplan

    Showplan is a feature in SQL Server to display and read query plans. While some of you may already be very familiar with Showplan, it is one of the most important diagnostic tools that we use in the query processing team to locate and identify problems, and therefore deserves some extra exposure. Being...
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