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Remote Blob Storage (RBS) is a library API set that is designed to move storage of large binary data (BLOBs) from Microsoft SQL Server to external storage solutions.

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  • Blog Post: Fixing RBS/Provider version mismatch issues

    The problem Release of a new RBS library will cause the providers developed with older version to not work due to version mismatch. The symptoms Let’s take an example of SharePoint to understand where and how the problem might appear. On a running SharePoint instance...
  • Blog Post: RBS Security Model

    RBS stores blob data in external blob stores which often use a differing security method from SQL Server. This blog post details the RBS security model for administrators and provider developers. Master Key Requirement As part of the RBS installation a database master key is required to be set...
  • Blog Post: Multiple Blob Stores in RBS – Defaults and Explicit Store Selection

    Recently I got a question on how a blob store is chosen for storing new blobs when multiple blob stores are present, and how to influence that choice. This might be of interest to many others and so I am writing this blog post. Please feel free to ask questions (using the contact features on this blog...
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