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Remote Blob Storage (RBS) is a library API set that is designed to move storage of large binary data (BLOBs) from Microsoft SQL Server to external storage solutions.

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  • Blog Post: Multiple Blob Stores in RBS – Defaults and Explicit Store Selection

    Recently I got a question on how a blob store is chosen for storing new blobs when multiple blob stores are present, and how to influence that choice. This might be of interest to many others and so I am writing this blog post. Please feel free to ask questions (using the contact features on this blog...
  • Blog Post: BlobId vs BlobReference, Collections

    Pradeep just sent out a good description of the differences between an RBS BlobId and BlobReference token, and a quick description of the current state of the collection architecture. Both a BlobId and BlobReference are generated by RBS. The ID from the provider (called StoreBlobId) is not exposed...
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