SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 is now available on Microsoft Update (MU) & Windows Update (WU)

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Dear Customers,


SQL Server 2005 SP4 which was released on the Microsoft Download Center on December 17th, 2010 is now available through the Microsoft Update Service.  The main SP4 update for Standard, Workgroup, Developer and Enterprise Editions is available as an optional update on the Microsoft Update website and visible after performing a custom scan.  The packages will be offered for each language and platform we support.  All of these updates will also be available through Windows Software Update Services (WSUS).  To search for SQL Server 2005 SP4 as well as other Microsoft updates please visit:  http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/.


In addition to the Microsoft Updates, the SQL Server 2005 SP4 Update version for Express Edition, Express Edition with Advanced Services, and Express Toolkit will be available as an automatic update.  This update will be automatically downloaded and installed if you have elected to receive updates through Microsoft Update/Windows Update and have enabled automatic updates on your Windows system.


More information on SQL Server 2005 SP4 may be found at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2463332.


Thank you,


Abhishek Sinha
Program Manager
SQL Server Sustained Engineering

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  • Ditto Erik from Feb 10th...and now it's June 25th!!!  Really?  Six months and no fix!?

  • Win7-64, after everyday successful update - it still shows again that updates is pending and ready to be installed

  • This is irritating. I have had this update not working for months now. I have tried Microsoft tech support. They can't seem to fix it either., I have tried numerous ways to get this to update...nada. How do you get this update to do its job and quit giving me the D59 error? Come on Microsoft.

  • Looks like we're all in the same boat.. Good news its not my PC playing up.. Bad news no one knows how to stop it..

  • same problem, hang my Windows 7 pc all the time, and my SQL 2005 can't open tables (I know it might be related to MS Updates...), the guys who designed or did test should be shamed by themselves.

  • Can't figure out why this won't install.  I can't run certain programs without this installed.  Why haven't they fixed this problem by now since everyone has problems with it??:  I mean it has been over 1 year since the first reported problem and they still can't fix it!!!

  • M$ $ucks!  I'm done...  We're migrating to open-source tools starting immediately.

  • Tried installing and keep getting this error message: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 4 (KB2463332)

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SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 is now available on Microsoft Update (MU) & Windows Update (WU)