Cumulative Update #2 for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1

Cumulative Update #2 for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1

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Dear Customers,

The second cumulative update release (CU2) for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 is now available for download at the Microsoft Support site.

NOTE: In addition to new fixes introduced in CU2, SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 contains a rollup of all fixes previously released in SQL Server 2012 RTM CU5. For customers upgrading to Service Pack 1 from SQL Server 2012 RTM CU5, you should consider applying SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 to ensure CU5 fixes are available post upgrade to Service Pack 1.

SQL Server 2012 SP1 Cumulative Update #2 has also two new improvements. For more details reference this blog


Amit Sheth

Program Manager

SQL Server Sustained Engineering

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  • Does this roll-up include a permanent reliable fix for the msiexec "out of control" issue so well highlighted in SP1, please?  If there is no permanent fix for this, that fact should be highlighted here, in the SP2+CU2 KB _and_ in the Connect issue that many are following:


  • Does this fix the dtswizard that errors for varchar and nvarchar in sp1?

  • Typo in the note: indtroducd instead Introduced.

  • @SAinCA: looks like it does. I installed SP1 CU2 on some of my test servers and the issue has not come back.

  • After installation I was getting exception when starting management studio, but reboot helped.

  • Yes, CU2 does contain the fix for the msiexec issue  (KB2793634)

  • After I "Accepted" the license info. on the download page, I was sent to a page that offered 3 different downloads.  I'm not sure of the difference between the three.  Can you tell me which is the "full" CU for SP1?  Thanks!!

  • Please disregard... I found out when I tried to run the one I downloaded...

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate contains cutted SQL Server 2012 parts for DB-related development, so how can we keep this parts updated?

    How should we install SPs and CUs to this special cutted version of SQL Server?

    Microsoft Update and Visual Studio Updater don't detect the need to install these updates.


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