Welcome to the SQL Reporting Services Team Blog

Welcome to the SQL Reporting Services Team Blog

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While many of the SQL RS product team are already active bloggers with their own blogs, the team would like to create one more blog that the team as a whole can contribute too.  In particular, those that have some great information to share but are not inclined as much to 'feed' a full time blog.  Please be patient as we ramp this up.

Thank you

  • I didn't know where to put this. But I looked through almost all the titles of the SSRS blogs and didn't see a single write-up or more of step-by-step on how to get the report footer to appear at the bottom of a report. Can you guys please put up one for n00bs sake (I looked for it almost everywhere and the question is posted on the forum as well)?

    Delete this comment if deemed neccessary as this is out of topic reply.


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