Document Maps in RS 2000 with IE7

Document Maps in RS 2000 with IE7

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Many of you have noticed that document maps stopped working on SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services when using Internet Explorer 7. We recently finished a patch for this issue that is available through Microsoft Customer Support. The actual KB article has not been published but if you ask for KB #935227, you can get the fix at no charge.

  • Hi, I've contacted Microsoft support and they've sent me the fix KB#935227, while trying to install it, i've received the following error msg:

    "Upgrade cannot be performed with this install package. Upgrade components have not been included."

    Now, how can I overcome the document maps problem? please advice.

  • Has this been resolved?

    We're in a tight spot and this has caused issues with our enterprise.

    Should we escalate this to MS support?  

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