Some things begin to gel with SQL 2008 RS...

Some things begin to gel with SQL 2008 RS...

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I had hesitated posting anything about the July CTP (Community Technology Preview) for SQL 2008 (Katmai) as there was so much already out there.  However, looking back it seems like an injustice to the hard work of our team to not post and insure as many as possible know the RS team is hard at work and we as always would love to hear your feedback.

So with that said, if you did not already know, you can obtain the July CTP from the following location.  At the least you can take a look at the 'Whats new..' stuff.  You do need to register, and the page has a link for that as well.  As you might expect, this is a work in progress and in fact the next CTP is not too far off.  However, as I noted, we appreciate all the feedback you have time to provide and as you would imagine, the earlier the better.

New forum as well.  There is also a seperate MSDN forum for SQL Reporting Services 2008.  A great place to provide feedback, ask questions, or cruise and see how things are for others.

Stay tuned for more...

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  • Two Questions:  

    1)  Any ideas on how soon the next CTP will be available?

    2) How are things looking with getting the Dundas and OfficeWriter features built-into SQL Server 2008?  

    I ask #2 because I personally think that when you've got those features built-in that the long-standing Crystal Reports will seriously be fading off into the sunset when compared to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.  While on that note, has anyone at Microsoft stopped to seriously consider buying Business Objects?  You know they've announced that they're looking for a buyer.  If the BO product lines were integrated with SSRS there'd be no stopping SSRS!  Just some thoughts and questions.

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