Well, the blog has not been that active, no doubt about it.  However the main reason is the team has been working hard on the final features that will be in SQL Server 2008.  We also were working hard to understand and act on the great feedback we recieved from the Feb 2008 CTP.  If You have not tried the Feb CTP or have not seen the many other notices about where to find it, the Feb CTP can be found here.  The SSRS team has also been growing and some folks have changed out.  You have likely ran into many of the veterans and some of the new folks at conferences and such. 

So now that we are winding down on SQL 2008 and gearing up planning for future projects, keep an eye out for much more frequent updates from this blog.  We will be focusing on this blog as a team...hence the orginal name as a 'team' blog :)