SQL Server 2008 SP1 and Report Builder Update

SQL Server 2008 SP1 and Report Builder Update

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Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 is now available for download.  The service pack is primarily a roll-up of Cumulative Updates 1, 2, and 3 and minor fixes made in response to requests reported through the SQL Server community. 

While there are no new features in this service pack, a notable addition from a Reporting Services point of view is the ability to configure Click Once deployment to either launch Report Builder 1.0 or the updated Report Builder 2.0, directly from Report Manager (native mode) or SharePoint.  If you run Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode, make sure to also install the updated RS add-in for SharePoint.


Furthermore, the April 2009 Feature Pack is now available and includes an updated version of Report Builder 2.0.  You can get it either as Report Builder 2.0 stand-alone download, or via click once deployment from a Report Server with SQL Server 2008 SP1 applied.

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  • Is there any information on when the new reporting features (e.g. gauges) will be available in the [standalone] ReportViewer control?  I am a huge fan of standalone reporting, I incorporate it into winform apps and seamlessly migrate to web apps but the functionality is getting a bit dated.  I took a look at Report Builder 2.0 and was simultaneously amazed (at the cool new stuff) and disappointed (that I cannot use it aside from a RS server).

    On a related note, the feature to interpret HTML tags is great but it falls a little short of the mark--we really need the ability to attach javascript events to textboxes.  I have used the jump to url hack in both form and web apps but this only gets you click events and that just isn't enough.  Heck, even if you gave us property to not escape all text, developers could use a literal quote to close the tooltip string and stick in some js there.

  • Do you know if the connect.microsoft.com issue 356519


    is addressed?

    The connect issue says that custom reports in SQL Server Management Studio 2008, must be built with BIDS 2005 or earlier.

    It would be nice to use Report Builder 2.0 reports as custom reports in Management Studio.

  • In the SP1 release of SSRS 2008, does it fix the issue with eliminating whitespace between columns when a column is hidden?  That seems to be a lingering issue from SSRS 2005.

  • Hi

    Since the realase of SQL 2008 and it removal of the need for IIS there have been a number of questions regarding the need for Anonymous access to reports.  I have spent most of today following the instructions from a Microsoft blog (despite their objections) to allow anonymous access to my report like i could in SQl 2005.  I then realised I was being stupid and it was nothing to do with the SQL 2008 database but simply the web.config file used with my reports i.e. the replacement of the IIS web.config file.

    Am I the only one to be stupid enough to spend time on this.  If not could there be an addition to the reporting services configuration to allow well more "configuration" of the web aspect of the reporting services just like you can with IIS.

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