SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer

SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer

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Copied from an internal email from a PM on the team, Jakub -

I’m pleased to announce that SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) has been released and is available for download at http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=29302.

Customer Value

The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BPA is a diagnostic tool that
performs the following functions:

  • Gathers information about a Server and a
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 instance installed on that Server.

  • Determines if the configurations are set
    according to the recommended best practices.

  • Reports on all configurations, indicating
    settings that differ from recommendations.

  • Indicates potential problems in the installed
    instance of SQL Server.

  • Recommends solutions to potential problems.


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  • Can we get a one click uninstall for SQL 2012 instead of the multiple components showing up for Sql 2008 r2?

  • Is there any Whitepaper available? By now I have some trouble running the BPA

  • Dirk, unfortunately there isn't a whitepaper for it.

  • Installed the MS Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0 on Win 2012 server running SQL Server 2012. Installed SQL Server 2012 BPA (appeared to install successfully). Launched MS Baseline Config Analyzer (GUI) and don't see any options under 'Select a product'  - was expected to see the SQL Server 2012 BPA. Anything I need to check / update to get this to show up under 'Select a product'?

  • No Auto update

  • SQL 2012 BPA fails with generic message Analysis cannot be performed. when run on windows 2008R2 server

    using any scan option under BPA same error will show.

    .Test remote shell using enter-pssession command which will show an error that shell access is disabled and running the following winrm command below

    winrm get winrm/config

    shows following under section


        AllowRemoteShellAccess = false [Source="GPO"]

    Group Policy is one way to fix this issue but if we need to just run on one server we can get around by doing following registry key update

    Hklm\software\policies\windows\WinRM\Service\winRS\AllowRemoteShellAccess=1 change from 0 to 1

    Make sure you backup registry before making any changes as any wrong registry update may warrant OS reinstall in some cases.

    BPA will run successfully,Subsequent runs may fail as GPO will override AllowRemoteShellAccess  when gpudate runs unless it is set at GPO level via AD.

  • I notice that Windows Server 2012 is not listed as a supported OS. I've given this a bash regardless and (not surprisingly I suppose ) am having no success in getting it working.  You can mess about copying the models folder contents from c:\program data\etc.. to c:\windows\system32\etc...  and can at least get the BPA to appear as a selectable option - however still cannot get this working (as I say though not suprised - just thought I'd try it).

    So, does anyone have any ideas when this will be officially supported on Windows Server 2012? Or have they got it working?  

  • The SQL 2012 BPA is a joke. Doesn't install properly and even when you get it installed it usually doesn't scan properly without fighting with it. Why should we have to put in so much work to get a BPA tool to run? Please try again MS.

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