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  • SQL Server Security


    xp_cmdshell is essentially a mechanism to execute arbitrary calls into the system using either the SQL Server context (i.e. the Windows account used to start the service) or a proxy account that can be configured to execute xp_cmdshell using different...
  • SQL Server Security

    The TRUSTWORHY bit database property in SQL Server 2005

    In SQL Server 2005 we introduced a new database property named TRUSTWORTHY bit (TW bit for short) at the database level in order to work as a safeguard to reduce the default surface area regarding some powerful new features: EXECUTE AS USER and CLR assemblies...
  • SQL Server Security

    OPEN SYMMETRIC KEY scope in SQL Server

    Recently I have heard a few questions regarding the scope of the SYMMETRIC KEY key-ring, especially when using modules (i.e. stored procedures) to open a key. One particular topic that got my attention is the impression that the OPEN SYMMETRIC KEY call...
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