October, 2006

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Dan Winn

Senior Program Manager

Strategy, Infrastructure & Architecture 

SQL Server, Microsoft

  • All Things SQL Server

    Deploying a DB to your Hoster

    So you got a hosting account and you're ready to deploy your site/app to the web! (If you haven't yet, there are lots of great hosters out there offering Windows/ASP.NET/SQL hosting solutions) Pushing the ASPX pages has always been pretty straight...
  • All Things SQL Server

    "LIMIT" in SQL Server

    I've recently come across a number of folks in different contexts who were trying to figure out how to acheive the equivalent of MySQL's "LIMIT" clause in SQL Server. The basic scenario is that you want to return a subset of the results in a query from...
  • All Things SQL Server

    SQL Server Hosting Toolkit Launched

    The SQL Server group at Microsoft has just launched the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit with the release of the Database Publishing Wizard Community Technology Preview 1 . The objective of the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit is to enable a great experience around...
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