In this article, we will discuss the Connection String Parameters that are meant for use only for database creation and not for connection open to an existing database.


Locale Identifier – LCID tells the engine in which locale/collation the database should be created. 

Encrypt – As the name suggest is to encrypt a database.  It is to tell engine to create an encrypted database.  This is going to be deprecated from v3.5 onwards.  Please use Encryption Mode instead.

Encryption Mode – This is a new connection string parameter for v3.5.    It has three values: Platform Default (DEFAULT), Engine Default, and PPC 2003 Compatibility.  This option tells the engine to create a database of platform compatibility to support for the encryption.   Platform Default means try Engine Default if possible, otherwise go with PPC 2003 Compatibility.  Engine Default tells the engine to use the algorithms that may NOT be compatible across all platforms (Which means a DB created on Windows CE 5.0 platform cannot be opened on Windows CE 4.2 platform), on the other side PPC 2003 Compatibility tells the engine to use algorithms such a way that DB file created on Window CE 5.0 platform can be opened on any SQL CE supported platform.


Note that these connection string creation-time only options are used while compacting a database too, as in case of compact also we create a fresh destination database and may over write the source database depending on the options chosen for compact.



Laxmi Narsimha Rao ORUGANTI