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SQL Server Compact is a SKU of SQL Server family of products from Microsoft. This is a thin light-weight, embedded, in-proc database engine which supports synchronization to SQL Server, etc.

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  • Blog Post: Query performance

    Understanding the reason for slowness of a SQL query and then tuning to boost it is a slightly complicated process, but it can be extremely rewarding in some cases. In this post, I am going to list down some ways in which you can tune the query performance for SQL Server Compact, along with pointers...
  • Blog Post: SET IDENTITY_INSERT <Table Name> ON/OFF

    This command is from SQL Server. This command is to enable the users to set their own value for IDENTITY Column in case they want to. This has been the very useful for us. We use it in MERGE and RDA when we send the client side inserts to server where we want to make sure to insert the row on server...
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