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SQL Server Compact is a SKU of SQL Server family of products from Microsoft. This is a thin light-weight, embedded, in-proc database engine which supports synchronization to SQL Server, etc.

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  • Blog Post: Merge replication vs. Sync Services for Compact

    SQL Server Compact supports predominantly two different sync technologies. “Merge replication” and “Sync Services”. Users might be using one or the other, and interested in knowing the differences between the two technologies, from a use-case point of view. Still, there might be others interested in...
  • Blog Post: Sync Services optimizations

    There are some optimizations that can be done for an "Sync Services" sync scenario. These are, (might not be an exhaustive list) Small sync chunks (using smaller SyncGroups which are only absolutely necessary) Index creation on tracking and filtering columns Transfer encryption of data payload...
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