SQL Server Everywhere Edition Community Technology Preview


A Community Technology Preview of SQL Server Everywhere Edition, the newest addition to the SQL Server family is being announced at TechEd on Monday, June 12th.  The CTP will be available at www.microsoft.com/sql/everywhere.  SQL Server Everywhere Edition is the next generation of SQL Server Mobile, offering essential relational database functionality in a compact footprint, ideal for embedding in mobile and desktop applications.


For CTP the SQL Server Everywhere Edition MSI is uploaded on the web. This MSI contains only the desktop runtime bits of SQL Server Everywhere Edition. Runtime bits include the Storage Engine, Query Processor, OLEDB Stack, ADO.Net stack and the client side connectivity components. This MSI can be installed on any machine (even on machine which doesn’t have SQL Server 2005 or Visual Studio 2005). You need to be an administrator to install this MSI. When the MSI is installed SQL Server Everywhere Edition runtime bits are placed under %PROGRAM FILES%\Microsoft SQL Server Everywhere\ directory. The ADO.Net provider Dll will be GACed during the installation.


Tools support: Developing desktop application using SQL Server Everywhere Edition:

In SQL Mobile when we supported developing desktop applications for Tablet PC, the development story was not very smooth. User needs to do some manual copy of Dll to make it working. Now with SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP, we enable a smooth development story for desktop applications. No manual steps are involved. To make the development story complete we also enabled smooth deployment (ClickOnce)


ClickOnce / Data Directory support:

Along with the SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP, the bootstrap package for SQL Server Everywhere Edition is available on the web to enable click once scenario. Developers can download both the MSI and click once bootstrap and install it. Once they complete developing desktop application with SQL Server Everywhere Edition, they can use this bootstrap package to enable ClickOnce deployment on desktops. Data Directory macro is also enabled when connection is established through SqlCeConnection object.


Uniform database story across device and desktop:

Since SQL Server Everywhere Edition is build over the SQL Mobile technology, we retain database compatibility between these two. With Whidbey SP1, developers will get the device bits of SQL Server Everywhere Edition. Since the database compatibility is maintained, users can copy the database from device to desktop or vice versa and continue to use the file. With this we enable a uniform database story from device to desktop.


Redistributing SQL Server Everywhere Edition MSI:

            Developers can package the SQL Server Everywhere Edition MSI along with their desktop application setup. During their setup they can invoke the MSI and SQL Server Everywhere Edition bits will be placed on the central %PROGRAMFILES%%\Microsoft SQL Server Everywhere\ directory. You need to have admin rights to run this MSI. Whenever SQL Server Everywhere Edition is installed through MSI (under admin rights) then Microsoft will be able to service it.

Developers can also copy and package SQL Server Everywhere Edition Dll’s along with their applications. In this case Microsoft will not be servicing these Dlls.


Database Management support:

            Databases which are created through SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP can be managed through SQL Server Management Studio. Through SQL Server Management Studio all database operations on SQL Server Everywhere Edition is enabled. SQL Server Management Studio which shipped with SQL Server 2005 RTM, SP1 will still say SQL Mobile in UI. Since SQL Server Everywhere Edition is built over SQL Mobile technology the dialog which says SQL Mobile will continue to work for SQL Server Everywhere Edition. With SQL Server 2005 SP2 release, those dialogs will start to say SQL Server Everywhere Edition.


Development tools support:

            In Visual Studio 2005 RTM all dialogs which continue to say SQL Mobile will continue to work for SQL Server Everywhere Edition. With Visual Studio 2005 SP1, those dialogs will be changed to SQL Server Everywhere Edition.


Synchronization with SQL Server 2005:

            SQL Mobile which shipped with SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 support synchronization with SQL Server 2005, using the SQL Mobile Server tools installation. The same setup will continue to work for SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP.


We are waiting for you to use SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP and looking for your feedback. I am Manikandan, Development Lead in SQL Server Everywhere Group.