Presentation Material for Webcast on SQL Server Resource Governor

Presentation Material for Webcast on SQL Server Resource Governor

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On 2nd May 2011 (Day 1), I presented webcast on “Managing and Optimizing Resources for SQL Server”. This was a basic session to show capabilities of resource governor feature in SQL 2008. We have been asked about the slides, video and demo by participants. Here is the material I have used. (Video is not yet made available by vendor)

Special thanks to Ron Dunn who gave me permission to use RGExplorer (Nice and clean tool) to show Resource governor demo. With his permission, I am posting source code of the tool. Feel free to modify for your learning purpose. Standard disclaimer applies on tool usage.

Hope you would find it useful.


Day 2 – Full Text Search. Sudarshan
Day 3 – Performance Dash Board – Amit Banerjee

Balmukund Lakhani
Technical Lead
SQL Server Support Team

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  • Thanks for the good presentation :)

    In the CPU demo that you uploaded how do you double check through a query that in fact gSlow used only 30% percent and gFast used 70% percent when both of them were running a CPU intensive query.

    I mean how can i show it to a layman that resoruce governor is working.

  • Thanks John!

    You need to run both together. Make sure SQL is using only one processor. Stay tuned for the video as it would bring more clarity.

  • In May 2011, I presented an Exclusive Microsoft VTD Webcast on the “ Underappreciated Features of Microsoft

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