SSL Encryption for SQL Server

SSL Encryption for SQL Server

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Highlights of this video blog :-

1. What is SSL Encryption
2. Why is it needed
3. Configuring SSL Encryption for SQL Server
4. Demo

To watch the video in better quality, please check the link: -

Presented By: Azad Raosaheb Sale,SE,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: Karthick Krishnamurthy,TL,Microsoft GTSC

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  • Video is very useful and informative. However it does not show thing that needed to be on the client to prevent "man in the middle" attack.

  • Hi,

    very helpful but I can not start SQL server service.


    the Error is : Error: 26014, Severity: 16, State: 1.

    Unable to load user-specified certificate [Cert Hash(sha1) "4DA0CE5FC4F31EBB638F0632422C466527185BCD"]. The server will not accept a connection. You should verify that the certificate is correctly installed. See "Configuring Certificate for Use by SSL" in Books Online.

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