Troubleshooting SQL server High CPU : Part 1

Troubleshooting SQL server High CPU : Part 1

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In this blog we have explained the various causes for SQL to drive the processors i.e. high CPU and the steps to troubleshoot it.

Possible causes that can lead to high CPU usage by SQL server:-

1.Inefficient Query Plans

2. Intra- query Parallelism

3. Excessive Cache look up time

To watch the video in better quality, please check the link: -

Presented By: - Niraj P Mehta,Senior support engineer,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: - Pranab Mazumdar,Senior support escalation engineer,Microsoft GTSC
                          Rishi Maini,Senior support escalation engineer,Microsoft GTSC

Attachment: Demo_Queries_for_VBlogging_High CPU_Part1_2.txt
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  • Hi Niraj

    Can you please enclose the scripts, you used in your demo. It would be much helpful and convenient for everyone. Your help is much appreciated.



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