Wow - over 40 blogs from the SQL Product Team

Wow - over 40 blogs from the SQL Product Team

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Seeing the new blog from the doc team inspired me to ping the extended SQL team to see what active blogs there are. Here's the list I've compiled of active (or "I'm working on content right now") blogs run by members of the SQL team - grouped by area and in no particular order. Lots of cool stuff here...

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  • マイクロソフト SQL Server 各チーム、関係者が書き綴るブログは 40 以上

  • Paul Randal has compiled a list of over 40 blogs from the SQL Server product team. It's great to see

  • В последнее время, наиболее полезными и интересными ресурсами интернета, которые посвящены всему спектру


  • Frustration at Microsoft's seemingly haphazard organization of whitepapers finally won and Kimberly spent

  • Come molti sapranno ogni Product Group, in Microsoft, ha la sua serie di blog. Il team di SQL Server

  • 为了加强与客户的交流,微软SQLServer部门许多小组都维护着自己的博客。在这里你不但能找到内幕开发技巧,认识开发精英,捕获最新产品和技术动态,还有机会把你的问题或者期望直接传递给开发团队!这么多...

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