SSWUGtv interview with Paul and Kimberly

SSWUGtv interview with Paul and Kimberly

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While we were at the SQL Server Connections conference in Orlando last week, Kimberly Tripp and I did a half-hour interview for SSWUGtv with Stephen Wynkoop. We cover a bunch of stuff around HA, database maintenance and board games.

The addictive game we discuss that we took with us is called Blokus - well worth trying out, but be warned... Kimberly did get her revenge that evening when she trounced me over a series of games. Now dominoes is a different story entirely... :-)

The interview is live on their site here. Enjoy!

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  • Hey - I hold my own at dominos too............. ;-)

    And - for everyone else - beware of your Blokus addiction! I have a feeling that Blokus might be to blame for some [future] downtime ;-)



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