And an example corrupt 2000 database to play with

And an example corrupt 2000 database to play with

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As promised in my earlier post of an example corrupt 2005 database, here's one I've just created for SQL Server 2000.

The attached WinZip file contains a backup of a simple 2000 database called 'broken' . It has a simple table called 'brokentable' (c1 int, c2 varchar(7000)) with one row in it. The table has a single data page with page ID (1:75) that I've corrupted so the page header is corrupt. When you try selecting from the table, you should get a 605 error that kills the connection. See the previous post for instructions on restoring it etc.

Have fun!

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  • Thanks Paul.

  • Thanks Paul...looking forward to digging deeper :)

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