Naked Tour of Australia

Naked Tour of Australia

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ok - a little explanation is required.

At the last MVP Summit here in Redmond, I met up with a bunch of the Australian MVPs, most of whom run SQL Server User Groups. I came up with the idea of doing a series of remote user group presentations from Redmond. The trouble is that Australia's waaaay ahead of Redmond in terms of timezones, so most of the presentations will be at midnight or 1am for me. This means I'll be doing them from my office at home in the middle of the night, and I don't have a web-cam so.... clothing could be optional - hence the Naked Tour :-)

There are actually a few user group presentations planned over the next few months - here's the list (all dates are local to the user group) with links to the respective user group websites where I could find them. I'll be doing a presentation on Corruption Detection and Recovery (same one that's now on the TechEd US schedule).

Hope to virtually see you at one of these!

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  • That's great news Paul!

    But you should come and visit Down Under, do some diving at the GBR. You might be in lucky and be diving during the "Minke Whale" season. I've posted a link to some photos I took during a dive trip there in July, which was the end of the season.

    Otherwise, please wear speedos at the very least during your "Naked Tour" ;oP


  • I can't wait! Kimberly and I would love to try and make it down there in 2008 sometime and do some diving plus take in Uluru (again for Kimberly).

  • Hey Paul,

    Brian here from the Perth SQL Server User Group - Just wanted to thank you for an absolutely brilliant presentation. Went smooth even with the tiny hickups we had from our end.

    Thanks for taking the time and making such a great effort!!

  • Just a quick heads up that there's little time left to sign up for the remote presentation by Paul

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