October, 2008

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This blog is intended to provide answers on some of the most common or interesting troubleshooting that I am involed with. You might get the impression that there are lots of issues with SQL but that's one of the concequences of working in support is that I only see the dark side, no one ever just calls you up to say 'Everythings working great today'

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    Another SQL blogger

    Following some encouragement from colleagues I've finally started this blog. I am not going to say that the focus if the blog is going to be in any one area of SQL, but a lot of my time is spent focused on clustering / high availability so am expecting...
  • SQL Stuff

    Service Pack / Hotfix setup failures with SQL2000 clusters

    I thought I'd share a very strange setup issue that we've seen a number of times both with Service Pack 4 and Hotfix installation. When applying SP4 for SQL2000 the setup fails with the usually cryptic message about setup failing on a remote node....
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