Why do hackers hack
By Dick Bishop/ Columnist
Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Suppose for a moment that a complete stranger walks up to you, stares you right in the eye, and says, "I'm taking your name and everything you have;" then turns and walks away without another word. What would you do? The person has gone. The threat has been made. It couldn't have been serious. Maybe you just imagined it. Maybe you didn't.
     Three months after your encounter, when you've forgotten all about it, your phone rings. "Hello, my name is Bob Turner. I'm with X bank." Right away you think, "That's where I have my MasterCard," or whatever credit card it might be. Then come the questions: "Did you order a batch of checks to be sent to you at..." and it's an address you've never heard of. "Are you in the process of opening a new account at..." and it's the same or even a different address. First, how do you know this person is for real? How do you check the reliability of this telephone call? Does all of this sound preposterous? Take it from one who's been there, it's not. This stranger or someone has turned out to be your worst nightmare.

Was it ahacker who broke through your firewall, sent in a Trojan Horse, a worm, or some other virus? Did they somehow manage to pluck your Social Security Number, mother's maiden name, or some other confidential piece of information that you thought was protected?..."

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