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  • Blog Post: Setting up FBA Claims in SharePoint 2010 with Active Directory Membership Provider

    This is a walk-through on setting up FBA Claims in SharePoint 2010 using the Active Directory Membership Provider. The very first step is to create a web application AND create that with claims authentication mode.  I am going to provision a web application with claims auth mode enabled at a URL...
  • Blog Post: FBA and User Display Names in SharePoint 2007

    If you have been working with FBA for a while, you might have noticed that the user name displayed in the Welcome control shows the account name of the FBA user. This is because of the field the welcome control is mapped to. As shown here, the welcome control simply points to the name property...
  • Blog Post: Database Schema compatibility error in FBA

    This is an interesting issue I came across recently and it was nice to know things that I thought would be hardly a matter to be considered. Well, the gist of the issue is very simple. When using default providers (AspNetSqlMembershipProvider & AspNetSqlRoleProvider) to try to setup FBA, at the...
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