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About Srikanth Bogadapati

Key things I would mainly concentrate in my inital blogs would be

1. Native device development in VS2005

2.eVC - VS2005 migration expereince

3.Issues related to WinCE6.0 native device development

4 Core connectivity framework between VS2005 and the device

  • Srikanth Bogadapati

    Visual Studio -Orcas Jan CTP - New APIs for Remote tool writers

    Hi My recent purchase of a new passion red colour semi sports model car has been keeping me busy for a while, But I still love my black SUV which has been with me all these days. On Orcas, While we have completed impementing most of the planned...
  • Srikanth Bogadapati

    Align menubar and toolbar on a Smartdevice

    This blog is about various code snippet trials to align MenuBar and toolbar either one above the other or MenuBar and tool bar SXS or vice versa. on a Windows CE/smartdevice Check out , refer to Smart device programing...
  • Srikanth Bogadapati

    VS2005 SP1 beta is out,

    VS2005 SP1 is now available to our customers through connect website . (You need to signup, fill a small survey to get the download URL in an E-mail) You can also read our Vice president Soma's blog on...
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