Srinath Vasireddy

Lead PM, Live Labs; (Personal:

August, 2004

  • Srinath Vasireddy

    UAB: Programatically determining BITS version

    Code snippet on How to determine the installed version of BITS - if you need to from your Update App Block (UAB)
  • Srinath Vasireddy

    NEED FEEDBACK: Offline Application Block...

    We (patterns& practices group @ MS) are currently working on the planning process for Offline Application Block version 2. If you have played with this block... - Please give us details on what was easy and What specific challenges did you face when...
  • Srinath Vasireddy

    POSTED: Updater Application Block + BITS2.0 Fix

    Community code fix for "Updater Application Block" for BITS 2.0 breaking changes is posted at
  • Srinath Vasireddy

    10 Minute Smart Client survey

    Here is an opportunity for you to influence PAG’s smart client efforts & deliverables. We are doing a 10 minute survey on smart clients; please participate, spread the news & get as many people as possible to influence Access the survey...
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