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January, 2006

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    Apple wont give XP the boot!

    Yesterday, I was a happy man. Apple had announced their first MacTels and that meant that I could finally get to work with my favourite software on my favourite hardware . I was finally going to retire my iMac G5 and relieve myself of the frustration...
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    “Sparkle” sparkles

    I installed the January CTP of Sparkle (also known by the more boring name Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer) today and I must say I’m really thrilled. I really like this separation of the responsibilities of a designer and a developer or...
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    Custom Build providers for C# using MSBuild

    Custom Build providers have been the prerogative of ASP.NET 2.0 developers so far. ASP.NET has a far superior compile model compared to the traditional WinForms apps. You can register a build provider for an extension and when you add a file with that...
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