Upgrade Issue to Visual Studio 2012 RC

Upgrade Issue to Visual Studio 2012 RC

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Since the release of Visual Studio 2012 RC, the SQL Server Data Tools team has become aware of several reports of SSDT no longer working when machines are upgraded from Visual Studio 2012 Beta to Visual Studio 2012 RC.   As a follow up to our investigation of the issue, we’ve captured the underlying cause, symptoms of the problem, and workaround below.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this behavior—please let us know if you run into problems after applying the workaround.

Primary scenario

1. Install Visual Studio 2012 Beta

2. Install SSDT for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

3. Install Visual Studio 2012 RC


Upon loading Visual Studio 2012 RC or Visual Studio 2010, several package load failure messages are shown for SSDT components.  An example error message is shown below:

The ‘SqlStudio Editor Package’ package did not load correctly. 

The problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extension.  You can get more information by examining the file ‘C:\Users\SQLCL01\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\ActivityLog.xml’.


Some Data-Tier App Framework (DacFx) assemblies are removed during the Visual Studio 2012 Beta to Visual Studio 2012 RC upgrade.  While SSDT has setup logic that reintroduces these assemblies in most scenarios, they get missed in this case because of the existing DACFx version on the machine from the SSDT installation.  The absence of these assemblies causes SSDT to load incorrectly


To fix your installation, find Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework in Programs and Features and Repair it.  You may have multiple versions of DacFx, so make sure to repair version 11.0.2100.60 (note that on x64 machines, there will be two entries for and both should be repaired).  After this step, SSDT should load successfully in all Visual Studio shells.

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • We found a related one, that manifests itself in the build when using this upgrade path (SqlModelResolutionTask could not be found,

    connect.microsoft.com/.../the-sqlmodelresolutiontask-task-could-not-be-instantiated-from-c-program-files-x86-microsoft-sql-server-110-dac-bin-microsoft-data-tools-schema-tasks-sql-11-dll ).

    Is it better to uninstall all the SSDT tooling beforehand ?

  • Hi Rolf, thanks for letting us know about this variation.  If you still want to access SSDT in your Visual Studio 2010 shell, then I wouldn't recommend uninstalling.  The workaround described above of repairing DACFx should fix the issue-- please let us know if it doesn't!

  • Brilliant, thanks for this. Saved me a lot of hassle

  • I repaired, even unintalled and installed SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework, still get same message.

    From Visual Studio 2012 RC, when clicking on Source Control Explorer it lists TFS collection and the projects below it. But when opeing Project via SQL Server 2012 SSDT, I get the following: The source control provider associated with this solution could not be found. The projects will be treated as not under source control.

    From Tools menu I can click on Connect to TFS from within SQL2008 R2 (SQL Server BIDS).

  • Installed both SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 RC, when clicking on SSDT (SQL Server 2012) it opens Visual Studio 2010 shell - why not Visual Studio 2012 shell ?

  • Hi Kevin, it looks like you're talking about SSIS/SSRS/SSAS projects, which shipped in SQL Server 2012 under the name SSDT but aren't included the as part of SSDT in VS 2012 RC.  The blog post above refers to SSDT to mean the database project portion.

  • I had to perform a couple of extra steps to get SSDT operational again:

    1. I uninstalled the 11.0.2100.55 version of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework (not sure if this was required, but I did it anyway).

    2. I repaired the Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools - enu (11.1.20425.00) installation and the Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Build Utilities - enu (11.1.20425.00) installation, as I noticed that the Data-Tier App Framework was marked as a dependency for these. Once I did this, the SSDT install started working again in VS2012 RC.

  • I am running Visual Studio Express RC For Web and can't open or edit a SQL Server Database Project.  I have only managed this in Visual Studio 2010 Shell. Are the steps Joseph Young describes relevant to my version of VS.

  • Hi David,

    I've responded to you post here: social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../c66c2296-c94e-4f21-993e-7d3090a596a5

    -Janet Yeilding

  • Worked for me... Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework found two instances (same version), repaired both and boom. It works.

  • It worked for me.... thanx a lot for this great help....

  • also works for the version 11.1.40403.0

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