Now available: SQL Server Data Tools - September 2012 update!

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The SSDT team is pleased to announce that SQL Server Data Tools - September 2012 update is now available for download!

Get it here

SSDT for Visual Studio 2012:

SSDT for Visual Studio 2010:

This release is the latest step in our team's continued commitment to delivering regular, frequent releases of SSDT to the web.

What’s New?

Visual Studio 2012

In keeping with our goal of supporting the most recent version of Visual Studio, this release of SSDT supports the Visual Studio 2012 shell.  SSDT - September 2012 contains several bug fixes to the SSDT version that shipped in Visual Studio 2012 and this release can be applied  as an update on top of Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Premium, and Ultimate Editions.  If one of these SKUs is not present on the box, running the SSDT installer for Visual Studio 2012 will lay down a standalone version of SSDT for the Visual Studio 2012 Integrated Shell.

Keep in mind that the underlying engine and functionality for SSDT - September 2012 is the same for both Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012, so you don't need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 to use the latest version of SSDT.  If you wish to have both shells of SSDT in your environment, they can exist side by side and SSDT projects will successfully round-trip between both shells.

LocalDB Configuration Improvements

We received feedback that SSDT's policy of creating a new localdb instance for each SSDT solution was too verbose, so we created a single localdb instance called Projects to host all the project debug databases.  We've also enhanced SQL Server Object Explorer by surfacing the default localdb instance and enabling the deletion of localdb instances.

Support for ANSI_NULLS and QUOTED_IDENIFIER Properties

In previous releases, SSDT didn't support database objects with non-standard ANSI_NULLS or QUOTED_IDENTIFIER properties.  SSDT - September 2012 has enabled this scenario by adding support for ANSI_NULLS and QUOTED_IDENTIFIER properties on project and script files.

Updated Data-Tier Application Framework

SSDT - September 2012 includes the latest redist of SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (DACFx), which contains several feature enhancements and bug fixes.  Most notably, the updated DACFx version enables packaging and deploying data using SqlPackage.exe. You can learn more about the new DACFx release here.

Updated SSDT Power Tools

The September 2012 update is compatible with updated Power Tools that include new features and support for both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010 shells.  UpdateSSDT Power Tools are no longer available via the links below, but have been integrated into the core SSDT product in the December 2012 release (

SSDT Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012

SSDT Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010

Bug fixes to customer-reported issues

This release includes many bug fixes for issues reported by customers using SSDT RTW or Visual Studio 2012 RTM.  Here are some of the most impactful bugs that this release addresses:

· Unable to override Publish Profile properties when using the msbuild command line

· Slow performance on "Add New Item" from SSDT project

· Absence of debugger functionality due to errors in assembly registration

· Publish fails with no message when "extended verification" is disabled

· SSDT overwrites Visual Studio shortcut on Windows8

· Steps to edit and save a Publish Profile editor aren't intuitive


Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our forum or Microsoft Connect page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • The SSDT links are not working. I think they're supposed to be:

    VS2012 -

    VS2010 -

  • Thanks for the good catch, nullforce.  The links you listed are correct.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

  • Update: This blog post and the SSDT Power Tools blog post have been updated to point at the correct download locations.  We've also added a "sticky" post to the SSDT forum ( for added visibility.

  • I thought VS 2012 was getting data compare in this update?

  • Hi Janet,

    Very happy about the update, about the 2 different releases for VS2010 and VS2012, and for new functionalities. I am now downloading and installing, sure it will make my favorite VS tool even better.

    Thank you for the update and for the power tools!!!


    ps. I quickly tested the update on a "real" production project and a couple of minor bugs I was monitoring have been solved completely. Great!!!!!

    Thank You again

  • Darn no mention of fixing the out of memory issues when closing the comparison window.

  • Really appreciating the ability to create a dacpac directly from a database. This is great as we have lots of cross-references to an external database. However we can't build our local database due to problems with the contents of the dacpac. This is being caused by a bug in SSDT. Any chance of this bug being fixed shortly?

    SQL70590: Must declare the variable or parameter "@@SERVERNAME"


  • SSDTBuildUtilities.msi does not work without installing SSDT.msi. This is not suitable for build agents that are running without Visual Studio.

  • @Slava I'd recommend checking out Gert Draper's blog post on headless builds:

  • Does anyone know if there are plans to add the functionality in the context menus that are present in SQL Management Studio, but, not in SSDT? For example, in Object Explorer in SQL Management Studio, you can right-click on Keys under a table and select "New Foreign Key..." to create a foreign key for a table. I was hoping that this would've been added to the update, but, it looks like it's still missing. The "Script Table as" functions in SQL Management Studio are missing as well. I'm wondering if the plan is to eventually move all this functionality into SSDT? Or will there always be additional functionality in SQL Management Studio not present in SSDT?

  • I`m trying to install SSDT september 2012 just having the VS2012 shell and I`m getting error impossible to load one or may requested types. Extract loader exceptions property.

  • Schema Comparisons now say that all of my tables need to be updated from "IsQuotedIdentifierOn = false" to "IsQuotedIdentifierOn = true", but the generated script code doesn't accomplish anything:

    PRINT N'Altering <tablename>...';







  • I'm trying to refactor rename a table in SSDT but no refactor shows when I right click the modified name. What should I do in order to enable that feature?

  • Does SSDT for VS 2012 shell has Business Intelligence project?

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Now available: SQL Server Data Tools - September 2012 update!