SQL Server Data Tools - November 2012 is now available!

SQL Server Data Tools - November 2012 is now available!

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We are pleased to announce that SSDT - November 2012 update is now available for download. 

Get it here

SSDT for Visual Studio 2012: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/jj650015

SSDT for Visual Studio 2010: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/jj650014

What's new?

Selective XML Index support

We've added support for selective XML indexes, enabling users to import, edit, add, refactor, build, and publish selective XML indexes in SSDT.


Add new selective XML index in Table Designer

Check for SSDT Updates

This release adds support for automatic and manual checks for SSDT updates.  You can view information about your current SSDT installation and verify that it's up to date by selecting "Check for Updates…" under the top-level SQL menu in Visual Studio.


 Check for Updates dialog

This feature also notifies users when a newer version of SSDT is available for download.


SSDT update notification

Updated Data-Tier Application Framework (DACFx)

SSDT – November 2012 includes the October DACFx redist (11.1.2816.0). The October DACFx release contains several feature enhancements and bug fixes outlined in this post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ssdt/archive/2012/10/10/sql-server-data-tier-application-framework-october-2012-available.aspx

Updated SQL Server 2012 components

SSDT – November 2012 is coordinated with the release of SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 and it chains in the latest SQL Server components.

Bug fixes

This release contains over 30 bug fixes, including fixes for customer-reported issues from SSDT - September 2012.

Power Tools Compatibility

The November 2012 update of SSDT is only compatible with the latest SSDT Power Tools (v 1.4).  Please note that if you have an existing version of SSDT Power Tools, it will need to be upgraded in order to work with SSDT – November 2012.  Edit: SSDT Power Tools are no longer available via the links below, but have been integrated into the core SSDT product in the December 2012 release (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ssdt/archive/2012/12/13/available-today-ssdt-december-2012.aspx

SSDT Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012

SSDT Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our forum or Microsoft Connect page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • No new features in the Power Tools I assume?

  • Good question -- no new features but the Power Tools have been updated to support the latest release.  For example, you can now see Selective XML Indexes under the Projects node in SSOX.

  • Hi Janet,

    I dont know if the intention was to attach the link to the MSDN help library on Visual Studio Integrated Shell for those who dont have Visual Studio, but I would have appreciated a direct link to the Download center.

    I have have assumed this is the component I need to install before installing SSDT: www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx.

    Many thanks and kind regards,


  • @Bertie if you don't have Visual Studio on your machine, SSDT will chain it in automatically during installation.  There's no need to manually add it beforehand.

  • Janet,

    Since it says "SSDT – November 2012 is coordinated with the release of SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1" which one should I install on my local machine first?  The SSDT Nov. 2012 update or SP1 for SQL 2012?

    Or does it not matter?

  • @SQLVariant Relative install order with SQL Server SP1 doesn't matter -- the SSDT installer will adjust as needed.  If you don't have the most recent version of SSDT SQL dependencies like T-SQL Language Service, Shared Mangement Objects, etc., then SSDT will chain in the SP1 version of these dependencies.  If you already have them, SSDT will detect that this is the case and skip them during SSDT install.

  • I have a question what with grant on procedures where put them?

  • So, no Entity Framework integration?

  • @Richard Correct, there is no Entity Framework integration More detils here:


  • I've VS 2012, SQL 2012 SP1 and installed SSDT Nov 12 update. When I open up VS 2012, I don't see the BI templates. What am I missing?

  • Are there any prerequisites for installing this (other than having VS 2012 shell installed)? I have VS2012 shell installed (was installed for Team Explorer). SSDT installed successfully (I guess), but when I try to connect to a SQL instance (2008 and 2012), I'm getting "Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information."

    I do have VS2010/SSDT installed as part of a SQL2012 instance on my machine. Could this be causing conflicts?

    Any ideas?



  • So can we finally use the SSDT Projects for SSRS/SSAS/SSIS in VS2012 ?

  • From the SSDT FAQ (msdn.microsoft.com/.../hh322942)

    In the SQL Server 2012 installer, developers can install the BIDS tools for Visual Studio 2010 by selecting SSDT during installation... In the web acquision experience, however, the SSDT shell only includes the database projects component. Installing SSDT from the web will not install BIDS tools.

  • @Anne having the shell actually isn't a prerequisite.  If you have the Visual Studio shell in a Pro+ SKU, SSDT will integrate into if.  If not, SSDT setup will lay down the Visual Studio integrated shell.  

    Regarding the error you're seeing, are you connecting via SQL Server Object Explorer?  And can you access this instance successfully via SSMS?  For more in depth investigation of this issue, you should start a thread on the SSDT forum: social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../threads

  • What types of data cleansing related tools/processes are available for SQL Server 2012 - both Tools and MDM? For example, loading customer records that require address validation, name validation and de-duplication?

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