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Hello all, there have been some questions around our support for various Visual Studio versions and the update mechanism for them.  I hope this will help clarify some of the questions:

Visual Studio 2013 - VS 2013 now has SQL Server tooling built in and shipped as part of the core product.  Database Projects, SQL tools (such as schema compare & data compare), and the online experiences through SSOX are all included with the RTM version.  We have full project and SSOX support in VS Express for Web and Express for Windows Desktop, so we have discontinued our stand-alone integrated shell offering.  We have a component update feed that will use VS Update to push notification to users.  To manually check for updates, go to the Tools > Extensions and Updates... menu to open the dialog.  We will continue to post announcements on our blog and forum that a release is available and what is included in that update.

Visual Studio 2012 - We still will be supporting the standalone integrated shell offering as well as updates for Professional, Premium, and Ultimate.  Since some Visual Studio features are using our APIs in the express SKU, our updates will also apply to VS Express for Web and Express for Windows Desktop even if our full project system isn't available.  Updates to VS 2012 will be offered on our MSDN page and to check for updates, users can still check our update feed by going to the SQL > Check for Updates menu to open the dialog.

Visual Studio 2010 - Since the release of Visual Studio 2013, we are no longer offering updates for SSDT on the Visual Studio 2010 shell.  To get updates, users will need to move to VS 2012 or VS 2013.  Our current plan is to support two shell versions at a time. 

SQL Studio Data Tools - BI is a separate product that releases on a different cadence and offers different Visual Studio support.  The Business Intelligence blogs are located at  SSDT-BI for VS 2012 is located at




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  • Hi Jill,

    Thanks for clarifying the situation with VS2013 following my request yesterday (, much appreciated.



  • Why did you take down the December 2013 release for VS2010!?!   We have new machines with VS2010 on them and no way to set up the product so that these machines are in sync with our other existing developer machines running VS2010.   I can see not updating the product any longer but to take down the setup file is excessive.

  • To clarify, is that Visual Studio 2013 PROFESSIONAL (and up) that will include SSDT? If I download VS2013 express will I be able to use SSDT?

  • Removing SSDT installer for VS 2010 is just not right.  

    I just installed SQL Server 2012 on a dev box, and included BIDS and management tools.  The install completed, and I now have a shortcut for SSDT in my Start Menu.  It launches Visual Studio 2010 shell... not VS 2012 or VS 2013!  When I try to open an existing database project, it prompts me to download SSDT, takes me to a web page that informs me my VS version is no longer supported!  

    Huh?  We pay for SQL Server 2012 and expect to be able to use the tools that come along with it.  We cannot upgrade to VS 2012 or VS 2013 as I understand they are lacking full support for our existing SSRS, SSAS, SSIS and DB deploy projects!

    Microsoft, you can do better than this.  At least don't cut your loyal SSDT developers off at the knees.

  • I needed vs 2010 latest release as well, don't care about update, we're mid development and I'm setting up deploys, can't upgrade at the moment.  For those of you in the same spot, the old link still has te download available

  • I just installed SSRS 2012 on a Win2012 computer that will become a SSRS 2012 report server. SQL Server Data Tools (formerly BIDS- Now SSDT-BI for VS2010) was installed as a component of the SSRS 2012 installation.  I also installed all of the post VS2010SP1 updates available immediately afterwards.

    I can't find the Report Builder Model Project anywhere (just the Report Server Project for Report Writer projects). I checked the installed templates (not there) and tried finding it online (Online Templates).  What am I missing?

  • Just found a TechNet SQL Forum thread that indicates Microsoft has started to abandon Report Model Project support starting with SSRS 2012? Seriously??!! Could someone please explain what SSRS 2005-2008R2 customers are supposed to do now when they have numerous Report Model Projects in place that have resulted in thousands of Report Builder reports being created and saved over the years? Please advise!

  • Right so just reading doesn't appear there is support for BI Templates in VS2013 for SQL 2012 Projects is that right? Such a pain in the neck SQL/VS versions, Jamie next time you catch up with the Product team can you give them a clip round the ear :)

  • Hello Jill, this morning I found out that apparently there is a new version of SSDT BI for VS2012, however on the blog you mentionend there is no single information about that. (That blog seems anyway more marketing than technology). This blog is named "SQL Server Data Tools TEAM Blog" so I would expect to get all the infos about SSDT here, I understand that there is not one team but two and they seem to work totally different. However from a customers perspective this is totally irrelevant. From customers perspective it is rather frustrating to have to hunt for information about products that we on a daily base defend in our job role against colleagues and customers. The download center has not the least information on what the version contains or what did change to previous release.

    I do very very much appreciate the support you are giving us here on the blog, but MSFT as a company is really doing a very very poor job in providing us with the relevant technical information about their products. Maybe you can give this feedback to the relevant channels (and your colleagues from SSDT-BI, maybe they find motivation to blog here about their SSDT when there are some technical changes ;-))

  • Hi Jill,

    Just started using SSDT and I was wondering when we will see the option to save the SqlDataCompare files like we can Save the SqlSchemaCompare files?  I'm hoping soon as it would make maintaining metadata lookup tables so much easier!

  • Hi Everyone, to answer a few questions/issues:

    SSDT and SSDT-BI are different teams with different release cadence and SKU support.  It is unfortunate that the branding is so close, but at this time we won't be addressing both product questions on this blog.  You can post to the child BI blogs for specific AS, RS, or IS questions as I do understand the overall BI blog probably won't get you the correct audience.

    Dev10 support was deprecated and we are encouraging people to move up so we limit our number of SKUs for forum, connect, and CSS support.  I will bring the request to the team to keep the installer around, but we highly encourage moving so you maintain support and I do not anticipate we will keep the link to Dev10.  

    To the data compare file question, that will be included in our next update which will be coming out soon.  An announcement will be on this blog with what is new in the update.

  • Is there a road map to return this feature?

  • Hi Jill,

    Thanks for the update on the data compare file question!

    One other thing I wanted to ask/suggest.  We are using SSDT with LocalDB for development of our database project.  Our production server has a Full-text Catalog but LocalDB does not support it so when we try and deploy the database project to LocalDB it fails with the 'Cannot use full-text search in user instance.' error.

    We get around this by setting the Build Action to 'None' on the Full-text Catalog script and the publish to LocalDB works properly, but doing this causes the Full-text Catalog script to always come up in a SQL Data Compare session as a new item that needs to be added to the database project.

    It would be great if you could come up with a way to allow the script file to be included in data comparisons but exclude it from being built into the script used for publishing.  My thought would be to add an additional Build Action that acts like 'Build' for the data comparison and 'None' when building the script for publish.

  • Sorry one correction, the issue is with SQL Schema Compare not SQL Data Compare.

  • This is a very nice and important feature existed in pre-vs2012 versions. I don't know why it's taken away from vs2012, but is there any timeline set to bring it back?

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