SQL Server Data Tools July Update

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We’d like to announce the availability of the latest July 2014 release of SSDT. This update is now available for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. For Visual Studio 2012 use the “SQL –> Check for Updates” tool inside Visual Studio or download via the download link below. For Visual Studio 2013 download check the Visual Studio update channel (Tools –> Extensions and Updates –> Updates) for this update. 

Get it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/hh297027

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What’s New

The July 2014 update includes many bug fixes along with the following enhancements:

  • Schema Compare update
    • Added MSBuild support for Schema Compare with text and XML output.  A blog post is available with more information.
  • Improved Windows Azure SQL Database node in the Server Explorer
    • Added Token-based authentication using a Microsoft account (MSA) or organizational account (OrgId)
    • Added supported for VS2012
  • Improved PDW support
    • PDW tooling is now part of the Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop SKU.  This requires the VS 2013 Update 2 or later to be installed
    • Support for PDW appliance updates in both VS2012 and VS2013
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  • I have Spanish (only) Visual Studio 2013 installed which reports about new SSDT update: "Microsoft SQL Server Update para herramientas de base de datos". When I try to download the update it uses the following URL: go.microsoft.com/fwlink, which appears to be corresponding to the English version of SSDT. On an attempt to install I can see the following message:


    Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools 2013


    You are attempting to install SQL Server Data Tools in English.

    Your Visual Studio 2013 installation does not include English. Please install Visual Studio 2013 in English then re-run this installer.




    Indeed it doesn't. Nevertheless there is Spanish version for VS 2012 here go.microsoft.com/fwlink. That raises the question: where is Spanish version for VS 2013 and why English version is reported as an update which cannot be installed?

    SSDT developers, would you correct the situation (I guess the same applies to other non English VS editions)?

  • Hi Vlad, that indeed would be a fwlink issue.  I will investigate today and fix the link issue.  In the meantime, you can use this direct link to install the VS 2013 Spanish version:  go.microsoft.com/fwlink

  • Looks like one of our CLCID values was changed during the localization process. I have changed it back and the feed is being updated.  It should be updated sometime in the next couple hours.  Thank you for reporting that!

  • A required one way project update!?  That's just brilliant for those of us that to deal with multiple versions of our code base.  Thought we were past this sort of thing.


  • "MSBuild support for Schema Compare with text and XML output"

    That's promising. Database deployment/updates are still hard, after all these years. Unlike software development where this is al figured out already.

  • Stephen, what version are you moving from?  SQLProj files can be opened in both VS 2012 and VS 2013 interchangeably.

  • @Stephen, this should not block you from using it in existing versions of SSDT. All previous versions of ssdt should be able to open the project file - Have you tried it and are having problems?

    The fact this is called a “One Way Project Upgrade” is misleading - it does change the project file but in a way that maintains compatibility with existing versions of SSDT.



  • After this update, I am unable to load 2013 DB projects into VS 2012.

  • I should note that I do not have VS 2013 installed.

  • Now, when I attempt to open a DB project, that previously opened without problems, is VS 2012; The project does not load and states "needs migration". What is this migration?

  • After installing the update, all my existing DB projects fail to load, they show as unloaded in the solution and show as requiring migration (VS2013).  If you migrate it says you will not be able to open this project in older versions of SSDT, which appears to be correct from my testing.

  • Hi Stephen and Mark. We're trying to narrow down your scenarios and have been testing our upgrade paths internally. We're having some trouble discovering the root cause of your issues. For example here's a scenario we tested:

    1. Create an old Database project in VS2010. This uses the previous .dbproj project type. This includes simple tables, views.

    2. Upgrade the project in VS2012 SSDT RTM. This converts it to a .sqlproj project type.  After upgrading the project you can see there is the following entry in the .sqlproj file: <ProjectVersion>4.0</ProjectVersion>

    3. Copy the upgraded project in RTM to a machine with SSDT July release .

    4. Upgrade the project in either VS2012 or VS2013 with the SSDT July release. This displays the warning about a one-way upgrade and states that you won't be able to open it into the original version. This isn't correct but it's the standard VS Upgrade dialog. Note that after upgrade the project version changes to: <ProjectVersion>4.1</ProjectVersion>

    5. Copy that upgraded project back to VS2012 RTM machine and load the project in RTM machine ((<ProjectVersion>4.1</ProjectVersion>)). The project loads as expected and there are no issues in using it.

    We'd love to know if we are missing something in your configuration that is causing this to be blocked in your cases. If you can give us more information we'll continue investigating. Thanks,


  • After Updating SSDT from 12.0.40703.0 to 12.0.40706.0 for Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 2 I have lost syntax highlighting for sql files in DB projects. Only text in '' is in red. F.e. formerly all sql specific words like SELECT, INSERT, ... was marked as blue. This is no longer the case.

  • Thomas J, I have exactly the same problem.

  • After applying the July update, I run schema compare from the SQL Server Object Explorer view (i.e. no projects are loaded).  When it has finished, it shows the deltas, but I get these two warning:

    Warning 1 SQL46010: Incorrect syntax near 57777. MSSQL::-125 7 14

    Warning 2 Cannot generate deployment plan due to an internal error: An error occurred during deployment plan generation. Deployment cannot continue. 0 0

    At this point, the Generate Script icon is disabled.  Anyone else have this problem?

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SQL Server Data Tools July Update